Include everyone when writing.

Witty makes inclusive language available to everyone.

Everywhere and in real timewith AI.


The smart way not to

exclude any target group

When we write we sometimes use language that unintentionally excludes certain target groups, especially those with diverse backgrounds. Old stereotypes are still enshrined in our language without us noticing it. Witty helps you to break out of these schemes and supports you to write inclusively.

How does it work?

Witty uses machine learning including sentiment analysis to analyse your text. It highlights deterring terms and shows alternatives which the user can accept with a simple click. Learn to write inclusively and become aware of unconscious bias everywhere, anytime.

Screenshot of Browser Plugin

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Nina Reinhart

"Diversity is a business imperative for competitive companies. I am honored to advise Witty Works to become the global SaaS standard for corporations to disseminate inclusive and modern corporate language rules in all their communications."

Nina Reinhart, Startup Investor and Board Member

Who is it for?

Witty is for anyone who cares about the reader on the other side and wants to make sure not to discriminate anyone. It can be used by employees, managers, C-level executives, freelancers - whoever wants to make sure that they write inclusively. This could be ...

Publishing Company

Authors write with the browser plugin to write fair school books.


Journalists write with the browser plugin to prevent liability risk.

Content Creators

Content creators write with the plugin to make sure they address 100% of the potential clients.

Why should I use it?

Forget complicated installations. Forget switching between different tools. No copy-pasting. We make it (ridiculously) easy to write inclusively and we’re with you every step of the way.

Quick & Easy

Quick and easy installation. Done in 5min.

Accessible everywhere

Accessible in every document, and hence woven into your daily business.

Trigger awareness

Using inclusive language among employees and executives or with clients triggers awareness and then behavioral change.

Debias language

Our data model - a combination of rule based concepts and NLP - is able to produce de-biased language in German and English.

Sentiment analysis

We will add sentiment analysis because the emotionality of a text is decisive in your texts.

Analyze pictures

We wil use computer vision to analyze pictures, highlight them if they are deterring, and increase the quality of your work.



Witty is explicitly requested by companies. Take our plugin for a test drive! Sign up and we let you know as soon as our first version is on the market and you can create a free account. No obligation. No reason not to.

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